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Chat Without Registration ▷ ➡️ Creative Stop Time ▷ .️

Chat anonymously Do you love meeting new people on the web? Do you want to be with people from all over the world, sitting comfortably on the couch at home?

There are now many services chat anonymously which allows you to make new friends and discuss many different topics online, without having to pay for them to use or register.

Some of them work directly from the browser; Others, on the other hand, can also be accessed through apps for smartphones and tablets: if you want, I can tell you which ones I find most useful.

Chat without registering online

Chatting with others online is, now, very easy, since there are many resources that allow you to do just that.

In this sense, in the following lines I will explain each how to use some of the most popular, all accessed directly through the browser, without registration.


I started this guide specifically for chat anonymously Talk to you about eChat, one of the most popular services to make new friends through the Internet.

It is free and does not require any plugins to be used.

With that said, to get started, connect to the eChat website and click enter After vegetables sib Tham at the top.

Then enter the nickname you want to use to communicate with other users of the service in the field Writing Your child’s name.

Put the mark in the box associated with acceptance terms of use of the Services and finally click on the button Entrar the conversation.

When done, you will be able to share the main conversation, through which you can start chatting with other users.

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For Writing comments in group discussions, see the notes below and possibly there or zog, add emojis.

If you want, you can chat with a specialized user. In this case, click person’s name at your flower and click on the item Message tell you.

At any time, you can chat further in the main room by clicking on the name of the same thing you can see on the left.

Other online sessions are not registered

In addition to the chat services I have mentioned to you in previous articles, there are many other that allow you to chat for free with people from all over Italy, without the need to register. In this case, in the following lines, I would like to suggest another website that might be right for you.

  • PuntoChat: is a popular online chat service provided by the ability to exchange personal and group messages on a single topic. PuntoChat is free and requires no registration or plug-in installation as it still complies with ICR compliance.
  • Sib thamExpert: Among the chat services you can use even without registration is ChatExpert, which works just like the other websites mentioned in this guide. The only difference is that, for its use, configuration of the plugin is required. Java.

Chat app without registration

Do you want to download an app sib Tham which is still valid anonymous ?

Of the applications that allow you to chat without registration, I suggest you take a closer look, a well-known service that follows the functionality of the most popular subscriptions, such as Tinder, but that allows you to interact with users even anonymously and with options register.

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That said, to use this app, download it for free from your Android o iOS device from Play Store or App Store.

On Android, just press the button Install on pc.

On iOS, you have to press the button Received and activate the download and installation of the application by Face ID, Touch ID or password for your iCloud account.

At the end of the download and automatic installation, launch the application by clicking its icon which you will see further on the home screen of your device.

Click the button Start now and accept the requests presented to you, which are necessary for the proper functioning of Communication 2.

Now before giving for symbols To see the names of all the online users who have chosen to sign up for the service (do not talk anonymously, and also be able to optimize for all functions of the networks provided by application).

Go see them Profiles, tap on phone number, when viewing the multimedia content they have announced, click on them profile pictures.

However, to start the conversation, click the person’s name which you like and consult the text write words below for mailing.

If, on the other hand, you want to provide multimedia content or text audio, use camera icon or of microphone.

All conversations with users can be seen at any time on the Android screen Conversations ( symbol of cartoon at the bottom ).

Alternatively, you can also send text messages to stories by other users: this, after viewing, checks the script Send anonymous messages, send message dno.

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Another application that I recommend you use for discussion is Jaumo, a free service that also follows the work of the most popular registration applications, but differs from the latter by being able to use even anonymous ones.

That being said, keep using it Jaumo, download your application from the Play Store from the Android or iOS App Store.

At the beginning, answer the first questions asked of you gender, date of birth, so you can start editing your profile.

In addition, you accept requests that have been directed to you, as they relate to the operation of the service.

When the main screen of the application appears, complete the modification of you profile, making use of special food characters marked by the little man icon.

Now, should be able to chat for free with users at Jaumo, you have to start “voting” what you like, too zapping.

Give the “like” (symbol)) to users with whom you are interested with: Read (symbol of cartoon image).

To chat, click on the username Talk to anyone you want to talk to and discuss the notes Write a message, to write a text message.

You can also send multimedia content, too camera icon next to

Jaumo It is a free application but there are some limitations in terms of “preferences” that users are given daily in the Zapping section: for use without a service it is necessary to purchase a purchase, whose price starts at 9.99 XNUMX / month.

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