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You have planned a “reunion” with all your old colleagues. You can not wait for the day when you will see them again after many years to find out what they did, if they raised a family, and so on. In order to remind you of the date and place of the event for a long time, you have decided to email you as a reminder. However, as this is the first time you have sent a message like this, you want to make sure that you do not make a mistake and therefore you will not listen to some “instructions” about write email how-to notificationsThe. If this is really true, know that you just saw the guide right on time!

In the following line, in fact, I will give you instructions on how to write a reminder message to the greeting others. I guarantee that there is nothing difficult in doing this, also because in today’s guide I will take you one step at a time in writing the language of this language: from writing to how to access email, via physical. of message and final welcome.

So, are you ready? Yep? Excellent! To make yourself comfortable, take as long as you have to diligently read the text below, and most importantly, use the “tips” that I will give you. I believe that if you do, you will have no small problem completing your “business.” I wish you a good read and, most importantly, a great job!

  • Enter the subject of the email notification
  • Write an email notification
  • Prepare the body of the message
  • Say hello to email notifications

Enter the subject of the email notification

by write an email notification Cash I want you to start from kwvThe. This inaccuracy is one of the most important part of the letter you are going to write, because the content is not only the general information contained in the email, but also the first item that the recipients will read. For this reason, it is important to write the content correctly: if you do not, the recipient even decides to throw the message in the trash, without opening it!

When writing a message via email, I inform you as detailed as possible Be clear about the purpose for which you are submitting the questionnaire. For example, if you want to notify the recipient of a meeting the day they will have the next week or the course you invited them to go through, you can use the topic as topics. name of the event after that time or, better yet, of date in which it takes place (ex. Next week’s meeting O Date of: new course [anno] ).

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If you decide it is appropriate, you can write a sentence before the name of the event that you want to remember REMEMBER to give “heavier” to the words. Either way, the key is Of course not, do not speak well (It is in the text that you must convey all the content you want to alert the recipient, not in the text!), Use if possible not more than 45-50 characters.

Write an email notification

After typing the text of the message, you can finally start typing the text via email, starting with first welcomeThe. What do you say? You have no idea how to write email alerts ? In fact, you do not have to go to anyone to know which model: you just have to say hello to your interviewer, like you do when writing any other email.

However, when choosing which one is welcome to use, you should consider at least a few things.

  • Relationship with the recipient – If it is someone you have known for a long time, such as a longtime co-worker or friend, you can start with a more friendly voice and chat. If, on the other hand, you have a relationship, it may be because you do not know the client personally or because they have a significant responsibility (for example, they are your good customer). again), the form of speech for use should reflect this relationship.
  • Send mode notification – If the purpose of email is to always be a party with friends or a party at soccer With colleagues in yourself (even if you do not know everyone), you can use the type of greeting others as well. If, on the other hand, you have to remember more work days, such as a business dinner or a class you have set up, it is better to use a lot of “cool” and far waiting accepted.

After examining the above points, you can choose from a variety of options information of reception it is circumstance adjectives (The latter is used only for email purposes). If by that measure you decide that the email you wrote is correct it is, you can start texting with one » Hello [neeg txais tsis tau]! Anything good? «,» hello [tsis tau txais leej twg txais] “in the castle” Hav [tsis txais leej twg], How are you? “.

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If, on the contrary, you want to leave a mark kev for the message, probably because it is intended for someone you do not know, use a form of greeting that has a adjective of status, I like ” safe “in the castle” safe «, Track the demonstrate suitable for recipient (ex. Mrs. as short letter to Mr / Mrs .; Dott./Dott.ssa as short of Dottore / Dottoressa, for graduation, etc.) and it first name it is the last.

If you have any doubts about the form of reception to be used, perhaps because your relationship with the recipient is not personally confidential, you can choose “hybrid “Welcome formats, such as» Hello «,» Good morning “in the castle” Good night «. Once you have verified the welcome form that seems appropriate to email your entry, letter included immediately after the chosen name or cousin as well come back to continue writing the body of the message.

Prepare the body of the message

Once you have selected the form that seems most appealing, you should move on to writing the form thread body – It is in this section of the email that you need to enter the correct symbol. The advice I want to give you is to not waste time on meaningless conversations: go straight to the point by notifying the recipient of the information you need to get their attention.

However, if you want to avoid too much noise or even brusque, you can use compound sentences between the opening remarks and the notes. If it is an email it is, you can use communication phrases, such as » We have not heard from anyone else in the past, I just want you to remember that … “in the castle” Happy to write to you again, to remind you that … «. If, on the contrary, you have written an email kev, you can use slightly different sentences, like » After submitting your invitation X, I bring this letter to tell you that … “in the castle” I think you are very busy at the moment and I’m sorry if I am interrupting you, but I just want to tell you about an event that I am going to hold … “.

Immediately after the compound sentence, enter in notifications : specify the date, L ‘ yes noThe area and possibly also the name of the event (E.g. Course, price, traveling, sib Thamother) that you want to remember the beneficiary, maybe Mark all of the information in writing (If you remember, I have explained how it is in other recipes).

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Once you have entered the notification for the event you want to get people interested in, also enter additional information that will be of benefit to them or, if you wish to avoid ‘over’ email with inappropriate content, let them know you are there to answer questions and concerns, perhaps using phrases such as: » If you want more information here, give me a whistle! «(If you write an email it is ) at the castle » If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact me: I am at your full disposal. «(If you write an email kev ).

Say hello to email notifications

Once you have completed the body of the message, you can finally Say hello and helloThe. When choosing the right text to use, you need to take into account the tone used in the email section. If you write an email it isFor example, it would be necessary to use greetings like » Talk to you soon! “in the castle” Good luck! «. On the contrary, if you have kept the sound until now kev, it may be necessary to use more ‘plastered’ forms of greeting, such as » regards «,» Thank you “in the castle” with respect “.

If you want, you can grab the package to ask the borrower to make sure they have read the message and alert you if they will be attending the event you have set up. You may use phrases like » Let me know if you receive any comments and if you would like to attend the event. Talk to you soon! «(If you write email it is ) at the castle » Waiting for your kind answer, I express my best wishes. «(If you write email kev )

To end the notification for your email you just entered, give the comma immediately after the final welcome, come back and sign the attached form easy to sign (only first and last name) or with all signed (name, surname and contact information). Then re-read the entire message to make sure you have not made any inaccurate or misleading content, and if anything does not work, return. It’s not that hard, is it?

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