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Interview applications. Interview applications, now known mostly by the name of instant messaging, now there are many and very wide. Between Facebook, WhatsApp, Skype and Telegram messaging, among many others, it is difficult to say which is the best. It all depends on the user experience you are looking for. In terms of functionality, there is now a real competition in mail design, so more and more applications prefer to copy the most popular, original or innovative applications from each other.

Best chat apps


It can still be difficult to choose the best messaging data, but WhatsApp is not the most popular and used. Basically, WhatsApp is nothing more than an application for a mobile device, through which you can communicate with your mobile phone, without having to pay for SMS. Messages sent to other users get the best connection to the Internet on your device and that’s all free; obvious recipient will still need to use the same application.

The application is very easy to use, it is cross-platform and available on many devices: Android, iOS and Windows for mobile phones and tablets. You can also use WhatsApp on your PC by downloading the application for Windows or MacCov. Alternatively, you can also use WhatsApp through a web browser.

It was established in 2009, but WhatsApp has undergone a drastic change with the introduction of new functions: calls, video calls, group messaging, sending emojis, GIFs, voice messages, photo sharing and movies and more; everything is completely free for users.

It is practically impossible to deny the reputation of WhatsApp. Consider that even Mark Zuckerberg, the head of the social network Facebook, was aware of this and made WhatsApp a member of his company: a purchase that made a profit of about 19 billion dollars.

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Why use WhatsApp? The reason that can push you to use this messenger is given by its simplicity and reliability, thanks to its system end-to-end encryption. It is a special security procedure that allows secure communication to pass through interference.


The best option for WhatsApp can be Telegram, as one of the cross-messaging applications with multiple functions. Yes free en Android, iOS, Windows Phone, but also for Windows PC and Mac, Telegram can be accessed directly from the web, without directly affecting your cell phone .

In terms of functionality, Telegram has more or less tools like WhatsApp: send messages, group chats, send emojis, GIFs, voice messages, share photos and video. Unlike WhatsApp, phone calls and video calls are not currently available on Telegram.

In reality, however, if we want to identify Telegram in a more general way, the differences with WhatsApp are many and Telegram is like cutting above WhatsApp, referring to additional tools that is free, not on WhatsApp.

Among the best specialties that Telegram offers, is possible design requirements (discussion in which one person publishes content and in which another user follows) and create private chats (The conversation goes that, in addition to being equipped with end-to-end encryption, it allows for personal destruction of the message).

Also, unlike WhatsApp, Telegram has been set up as an open source messaging app with some advanced features aimed at more users. Among these are bot design (ie virtual service) via API (request service face interface), content development, open source fast connections, integration of expertise for business Writing and much more.

Why use Telegram? Although the popularity of Telegram is still less than that of WhatsApp or other messaging applications, its strength in demand is due to its wealth of advanced nta and for this I recommend using it.

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Facebook Messenger

If we talk about chat applications, means better now instant messaging, obviously we need to talk about Facebook messaging Since Facebook is widely used in communication , can talk system not disappear? Of course, no. The name of the application is Facebook Messenger.

Why Use Facebook Messenger? Well, because the strongest force of Facebook Messenger is it Facebook integrationThe. In order to send special messages to your Facebook users, you need to use Facebook Messenger. The application has already been mixed up on the web through social media, it’s free and does not need to be continued.

If you are using a Facebook mobile application, you need to download a similar application from Facebook Messenger. From the application you can make and receive phone calls, send text messages, photos, videos, emojis, GIFs and stickers, and send short voice messages.

Among the key features of Facebook Messenger, as I mentioned, is also the ability to make phone calls and video calls with Facebook friends, in just a few easy steps.

To do this, once you start applying, start a conversation with a friend. You can select if you want to make a ringtone only by pressing a button Start calling (cell phone symbol) or a video call directly from the button Start a video call (marked camera). You can make phone calls and video calls from the app to the above devices, but also across the web version of the Facebook Messenger app


If you have used historical Windows Live Messenger messaging, you will surely miss it. The software, discontinued by Microsoft since 2012, is now being replaced by Skype. No messaging app can give you the immediate need, but Skype is definitely the closest and most rewarding.

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Skype is a popular application, which is available free of charge to many users.

Why use it? Well, because Skype is one of the most popular messaging services feature rich and allows you to send text messages, multimedia content, make voice calls and video calls, even in groups, all for free.

Other chat apps

The list of chat apps never ends there, but I will do the first few hours here myself to talk in depth about each of them. The only thing I can do is give you a short, but all in all, all of the other messaging apps added.

  • Who (Android / iOS / Windows): Kik is the free mail application of the target teens talkThe. As for the specific features of the application, there is an internal demand in stores in which pull games and applets.
  • Viber (Android / iOS / Windows / Mac) – Viber is another complete messaging app that allows you to send text messages, phone calls and video calls.
  • kab (Android / iOS / Windows / Mac): This line is a free mail requesting update from the South American company Naver Corporation. Key patterns allow you to create luv luv video montages and publish your content in small blogs mixed into applications.
  • WeChat (Android / iOS / Windows / Mac) – If Line is a Japanese language for WhatsApp, WeChat is its direct competitor Hmong Chinese. The referral application is free and even includes a payment method to send money to your contacts.
  • Signal (Android / iOS): Signal is a messaging application included more than just plain privacy and securityThe. Developed by the developers of the ultimate technology that WhatsApp uses, it was even used by Edward Snowden, a former CIA computer scientist who revealed many of the tasks that were investigated by of some governments there is no public awareness.

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