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How To Add Outlook Sales Addresses In This Book ➡ ➡️ Stop Improvements ▷ ➡️

How to export Outlook address book. After trying Microsoft Web Mail service Outlook.comHave you decided to switch to another platform and are looking for a way to send people through it? Do you want to change your address book, which you use Microsoft Office Outlook, on your home PC but you do not know how?

With today’s guide, we will see how to be careful with and Outlook have a backup and transfer to another email program or program. It is very simple and it takes about five to ten minutes to do it.

First, we will talk about, then the classic Outlook for Windows and macOS (in its 2016 version, which at the time of writing This sentence was the latest) and finally the Outlook mobile app, which is available for AndroidCov. , iOS and Windows 10 Mobile.

How to export your address book

Let us start by seeing how to export Outlook address book, a webmail service that replaces Hotmail. In this case, the first step you need to do is enter your inbox, click on the icon with 9 squares in the upper left and select the item People in the menu that appears.

On the page that opens, click Enter Control / Control in the top right and select the item Exporters in the menu that appears. Then expand the drop down menu Users in this folder and choose whether to export all contacts or just some sick, and then select a file from the available.

To finish, click the button Export to download the address book from in CSV format. Receiving information can be used to import contacts to another email address (e.g. Thunderbird ) and / or Web-Mail Service.

Publish the address book in Windows

If you want to know how to send address book from Outlook to Windows, the program in the Microsoft Office suite, you must first press the button Information / Information put it on top and then on select.

In the window that opens, select very high on the left edge and click the button Export.

Then select those options Export to a file and click on NextThe. Choose comma isolated key (Windows) according to the export format and continue the process from key to item Hu vegetables (or select one of the subfolders that refer to the people in the job).

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After these steps continue, click the button Nextthen inside Preview and choose the way to save the CSV file with Outlook Contact.

To start the actual saving of files, click the button Next up completeThe. At the end of the process, you will be able to import Outlook contacts to other email plans and services.

For direct access to Outlook I just show you only go to the menu File> Open and ExportPress the sub arrow again Import and export and select the option first Import files from other programs or files and then Comma Separated ValuesThe. Once the CSV file with the contacts has been selected, the import process will be completed in a few seconds: I also have told you about it in my guide on how to call people in Outlook.

Export Outlook Notes to macOS

Do you have one Mac ? For this, you can export the Outlook address book in the form VCF files select the icon of two men at the bottom left and select the names to copy: you can use a combination cmd + click to select names or combinations cmd + among others will select all people at the same time.

If you want to share only some of the contacts or not all the contacts in the Outlook address book, uncheck the ones you do not want to share on the left.

At this point, you only need to download the ones you have selected to the folder on your PC and these, as if by “magic”, will be converted to VCF files. Must be able to log in to a Web Mail client or service.

Alternatively, if you want, you can export everyone in one file OLM (compare with Outlook only). To do this, go to the menu File> Export Citizenship (top left) and in the window that opens, place a check mark next to the item Hu vegetables.

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Click the finish button a few Next, select the way to save the text and click the button Save To complete the work.

Next, to send the communicator in OLM mode to Outlook for Mac, go to the menu File> Import the process (top left), placed on the measurement mark on one side Outlook for Mac file archive (.olm)Press the sub arrow again Next and select the files you previously submitted. how to import contacts to Outlook.

Stay In

Outlook also has an Android application and allows you to synchronize your address book with that of the operating system of the green robot.

In fact, the app is not required to get your Outlook address book synced with Android – the same results can be achieved by connecting your Outlook / Hotmail account to Android.

Once the Outlook address book is done with Android, you can manage it, and therefore also send it, via the Contacts app in Google, which you should see installed “Model” on your mobile phone. or tablets.

If not, you can fix it easily by opening the app ua si cia (the symbol is present on the home screen or on the screen with the name of each application installed on your device), search Google Sites inside the latter and press install button application

Upon completion of the application Google Sites, starting at the end, click the ☰ button in the top left and select the symbol panorama from the menu that appears on the screen. After that, tap the ⋮ button in the top right and select the item Select all in the menu that opens to select all the contacts in the Outlook address book.

Alternatively, if you want to send out just some contacts, long tap on one of the lists of your interest and select another by putting a checkmark on them. Finally, press the button sharing (the symbol with our link) is on the top right, waiting to receive the output file YOU F with your Outlook address book and choose what to do with it.

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With the Android menu, you can email VCF files using a favorite app Gmail, you can save it to a cloud storage as well Dropbox O Google Drive or you can distribute it to other applications that fit that purpose. The choice is yours.

On iOS

The Outlook Address Book can also be compiled iPhone e iPad (as I explained to you in my tutorial how to set up Hotmail on iPhone), where it shares the iOS address book. This means it can not send it separately, but only in combination with the rest of the contacts contained in the address book of the Apple operating system.

If you accept this offer, do not think twice and download My Phone Call: Back: it is an application that allows you to send contacts from iOS to Android. YOU F O CSVThe. It free up to 500 contacts, then it requires the purchase of a Pro version, which costs 2.29 euros.

To download the application from your iPhone or iPad, open the App Store, Store App (The “A” in blue next to the home screen), then select the card Look for in the bottom right, find the name of the application and start with the installation of the latter by clicking the button Get / install.

You need to be inspired to check the facts Face recognition, kov id or log in with password Apple ID.

At the end of the download, launch My Call Response, let the application enter your address book and click iav icon which is in the lower right. Then go to the menu and select if you want to send people inside CSV O vCard (VCF). Once done, press the button all and Backup / Export and wait for the file with the client to be generated.

If you get the message that the address book is too large and therefore you should not include the profile picture, reply ZooThe. Once the file is created, tap the button Email and just send the file with iOS address book.

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