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How To Change Messages In Outlook ▷ ➡️ Have A Stop Time ▷ ➡️

How to change the message in Outlook. Have you developed Microsoft’s global standard, now you want to translate into Spanish but do not know how? Are you learning English and, to know how to use English, would you like to update your software to include this translation?

In the content below, you will find detailed information how to change messages in Outlook Utilize all computer software packages and offices for the famous Microsoft software made available.

So you will know how to translate the version of Outlook including the Office suite for Windows and macOS, how to change the language of Outlook in Android e iOS and finally, how to change the language of Outlook. com, Microsoft’s webmail services that let you manage email directly from your browser.

How to change messages in Outlook step by step

If you want change the language of Microsoft Outlook on PC, your smartphone or tablet, follow these instructions.

the window

If you use a Windows PC and want to change the language of Microsoft Outlook 2016 (which at the time of Writing This sentence is the latest version of the app), you need to download the app Office Equipment related to the language you want to translate the program into.

To download the Office Accessory package, link to this page in the Microsoft Web site, select the text box 2016 of remains Step 1: Install the package process package, select the language you want Outlook to translate (ex. English O Mev ) in the memory menu What words do you need to install and start downloading the package version a 32nd 64 64th by clicking on one of the links below.

When the download is complete, open the Additional Information for the Office Tools package (e.g. setuplanguagepack.x64.en-us_.exe for English Text for 64-bit Office). Click the button track Show in the open window and wait a long time for all the necessary requirements for Outlook tradition (and all other programs included) to download before and after install to on PC.

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It may take a few minutes. When the process is complete, click with complete the setup.

If Additional Information in the Package for Office is not set up and you receive an error message with the number 30029-1011, it means you are using the VL version of Office and not the standard version of the suite, which is the one that requires the dictionary setup. So get the working model of Office and repeat the installation package.

After you have completed the installation of the Product Information for the Office, open Microsoft Outlook (or another application to enter in the Office menu), click the button archives in the upper left and select the item Choice

Then select the language you want to translate Outlook into the grid User interface e Instructions (O Team say ) and move it to the top of the title with the button.

Finally click the button Zoo and reopen Outlook for applied changes.

After restarting Outlook, this and other requests in the Office will be translated into the language of your choice.

Mac OS

If you use Outlook leaves Mac, you can change the language of the program only by changing the language of the operating system.

Then open the app System preferences (the mirror on the Dock), Words and areas and in the opened window click the button [+] at the bottom of the left line to add a new language.

When you are done, move the messages you want to translate to macOS and Outlook to the top left of the right (just drag with your mouse) and you are done.

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If you want to change the language of the edition of Office files on Mac, open one of the applications included in the suite, go to the menu Tools> Language and select the language you prefer in the open window.

Finally click on Zoo to beware of changes.


If you use Outlook to manage email on your terminal AndroidPlease note that you can modify the application easily by changing the language of the function in advance.

To change the default Android language, go to the menu Configurations (the mirror on the home screen or on the screen with the name of each application installed on the device) and go Words and ideas, Words and ideas O Words and ideas (Items will vary depending on the version of Android you use).

If you do not see the “Message” entry in the menu, go ahead High places and there you have to see it.

At this point, go Read (O Language and Region> Language ), select your preferred language (e.g. English ) and start the Outlook application, which should be translated as finished.


Vegetable iOS For the same as Android: you can change the Outlook language only by changing the definition of the working mode.

To do this, open the menu Configurations (Mirror screen on the home screen), go General> Language and region> Messages of iPhone (or any language of iPad), select the language you like and first press the button complete (on the top right) and then up Switch to “[hom lus]” Save the changes.

Now open Outlook and this should translate into the language of your choice.

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If you are currently using English iOS and want to translate it (including Outlook) into Spanish, open the app set up (Mirror screen on the home screen)> General> Language and Area> iPhone Language (or English), choose the language you enjoy.

First press the button What happened (top right) and up Switch to “[hom lus]” to request an exchange.

Update the message in

Are you using to manage your email and want to change the language of service?

If you are currently using Outlook in Spanish and would like to switch to another language, please log in to the service with your Microsoft account, click here iav in the upper right and select the item View all Outlook settings in the menu that appears.

On the page that opens, expand the menu General On the left wall, click Enter Words and time and use the recipe Read select the language in which to use

If needed, change the location of the app time zone Only and press the button Save (top left) to request a change.

For those who use in English and want to translate it into Spanish or another language, they should go to the service and follow the instructions above.

Then click on iav in the upper right and select the item View all Outlook settings in the menu that appears.

Then select General> Terms and Conditions In the left column, list the words you want to use from the options menu at the bottom of the menu Read and save the changes by pressing a button Save.

The interface and folders will change the language according to the settings you have selected.

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