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How To Get A PEC ▷ ➡️ Have A Smart Stop ▷ ➡️

How to get PEC for free. Because of the work you do, you have to check the box PEC And do you want to know if it can get one for free? Do you need to send a quick communication and, since you can not go to the post office to register with confirmation of receipt, you want to do so free of charge email certificate? So, do not worry, I have a solution for you.

If you want to know how to get PEC for free You will be glad to know that, in the next chapters of this tutorial, I will introduce you to which solution to get a free address for sending certificates. Additionally, I will also give you some tips on how to make a PEC payment, since it is possible to get this type of service at a competitive price.

How to get free PEC step by step

Previous information

Before explaining how to get PEC for freeLet me give you some general information about this type of service.

First, you need to know the PEC (Let Proof of mail ), is a service that can send and receive certified email from PCs, cell phones or tablets (via the Web, traditional email sending or special applications), have the same legal value as a certificates sent with receipts returned.

This fee is guaranteed by the presence of administrative controls unlike email services which are responsible for the authenticity of the message and the identity of the sender and recipient by sending the message. notifies about email acceptance by part of the administration and also delivers the goods to the recipient.

That said, you should be aware that PEC is used mostly by companies that, including self-employed registrants in college or university, must have had it since 2013. PEC, however however, it can still be used by the Public Administration and can be used by the public for more important communications.

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In this case, it should be made clear that it is not possible to have a PEC address permanently free: in the past it was possible, since the program PostaCertificat @ It has established independence from the Government.

However, to date it is no longer in use and, therefore, to obtain a free email address confirmation, the only solution is to enable a free trial of PEC paid services that have this: it is true of these I will tell you in detail in this guide.

How to get a free email certification

As mentioned, to obtain a free PEC address, you can contact a private company that offers the opportunity to test their free PEC services, to test its effectiveness. Who do you want to know? If so, continue reading the next line of instructions.

The writing is legal

The writing is legal It is one of the best known PEC services and is aimed at most of the companies or professionals, but it can also be used by individuals.

Their plans have an order-tab, but you have been given the option to name a version of 6 months free trial, to test its function.

Specifically, you only have to try the free plan for 6 months Money Bell, which allows to receive 8 GB PEC mail. The rest of the functionality includes data security, SMS notifications and PEC usage from the mobile phone, through the application that is suitable for Android e iOS / iPadOS. At the end of the free trial, the cost to apply for PEC was € 39 / month + VAT.

There is also another way to sign up for Legalmail, which, however, is not a free trial: they are campaigns Copper (€ 25 / month + VAT) and plans Oro (€ 75 / mm + VAT), which provides for the processing power of 5 GB and 15 GB PEC mail respectively.

That being said, if your goal is to become a PEC for free, link to the LegalMail website and hit the button Try it for free.

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At this point, adjust the name of the PEC to enable it and press the button. Check, to have. When done, sign up for the program and activate PEC by clicking the button Open the box.

Finally, log in, in a multi-line script, all the applications related to the host of the PEC column (e.g. Company Name, Law O The value adds value ) and complete the process, following the instructions on the screen.


Other reputable companies offer free PEC services Or, which you may know from registration services.

Once again, agreement, Agile 2GB PEC, it is only free to 6 months, then the cost of the PEC account is equal to € 24,90 + VAT per year. However, in addition to the PEC carries a fine of € 9.90, a one-time fee that will be paid based on the payment of the service fees.

Characteristics of PEC at Or They were in the range available from other companies: the mailbox was 2GB, viruses and filters were included and there was no daily delivery limit.

Alternatively, you can activate the program A PEC which, with the same characteristics Pog PEC, including 3 GB PEC mail at a rate of 98 1.98 / month + VAT or 5GB PEC mail, at a cost of € 3,44 / month + VAT. Preparation PEC Alone; however, it cannot be tested for free.

That said, if your goal is to try’s PEC for free for 6 months, you must first link to their official website and hit the button Open now.

When possible, press the button Follow and register in the program, complete the scripts that are shown, indicate the required information, such as email address and password, but also personal data (e.g. Law O The value adds value ) relative to the holders of the PEC box.

When done, press the button Continue and follow the on-screen instructions to complete the account registration and PEC account activation.

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How to get a free email certification from INPS

In case you want to know how to get the app INPS free PEC, I must tell you that even if this service no longer works.

In any case, it is not a question of PEC boxes being completed, but of limited resources CEP-PAC, which will only be used to communicate only with public administration agencies and not with others.

Other PEC charges

In addition to the services I mentioned to you in the previous chapters, which included a free trial, I want you to also evaluate the effectiveness of PEC payment planThe. There are, in fact, many very cheap services, such as the ones I will discuss in the following lines and you can take into account the numbers

  • Aruba: It’s one of the cheapest solutions you can think of when purchasing a PEC. Aruba models are available below: PEC standard (€ 5,00 + VAT / year) which includes 1 GB mailbox; PEB Pro (€ 25 + VAT / year) which includes 2 GB mailbox and 3 GB storage; PEC Insurance (€ 40 + VAT / year), which includes the box with 2 GB of space and 8 GB of storage.
  • KOLST PEC: Just as affordable is Kolst’s PEC service, which offers three plans tailored to the individual and business needs: Intelligence (€ 5 / year + VAT), which includes 1 GB PEC; Register 5 (€ 5 / year + VAT), which includes 5 GB PEC and Area 10 (€ 30 / year + VAT); which includes, instead, PEC of 10 GB.
  • Libero Mail PEC: Libero email certification can be obtained by paying for one of two planned plans: Family PEC (14.99 VAT count / year), reserved for private users and with 1 GB of space as well PEC restrictions (€ 30 + VAT / year) which, focusing on companies, independent businesses but also individuals, has unlimited space.
  • Virgilio PEC – PEC of Virgilio. It includes personal plan of 14.99 Euro / year with 1GB of space and Infinity plan of 30 Euro + VAT / year with unlimited area.

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