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How To Monitor Outlook s ➡ ➡️ Have Smart Stop Time ▷ ➡️

How to import Outlook contacts. Want to transfer contacts from another pc to your Outlook but you do not know how? Do not worry, it is very easy to operate. Below you will find all the information you need.

Give me five minutes for your time, no more, and I will show you step by step. how to import Outlook contacts from any major email or user: Gmail, Yahoo! Mail, Windows Live Mail, etc. However, in the second part of the guide, we will focus on the Microsoft Outlook application and its functions for importing and exporting address books.

To create the spreadsheet I use the 2019 version of Outlook, but the declaration should be better for the old spreadsheet as well (in 2007, so everyone has a “Ribbon” interface).

I will also tell you about mobile location, where but it can not be done alone in Outlook address book. But now let us not get lost in the discussion anymore and see, together, how to change contacts to Outlook and quickly and easily.

How to import Outlook contacts step by step

Previous work

Before accessing the guide and directing your clients to Outlook or, you need to make sure your contact information is in good working order with the Microsoft webmail program and / or platform.

Outlook for Windows as well both support formats CSV with encoding UTF-8, so my advice is to use it as an export format for your address book.

Instead, only the desktop version of Outlook allows you to use the file PST (models of Microsoft software) or files YOU F, which, however, can create problems when they have more than one name. The best solution, therefore, I repeat is to use csv files.

The Versi Mac from Outlook needs file design YOU F and it manages to edit even files with multiple internal names.

Users compare to Outlook

If you want import client to Outlook, the application is in the office, you must follow the instructions below. The procedure to follow differs depending on whether you are using the operating system the window O Mac OS.

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the window

If you use the window and you want to import contacts into Outlook, start the program, click the button Procedures at the top, select the item Open and export on the left edge of the system and press the button Import and export shows on the open screen.

At this point, select the item Import files from other programs or filesPress the sub arrow again Next and choose whether to import a Outlook file (in case you need to import address book from another Microsoft Outlook installation) or Comma Separated Values (what will the CSV created by Gmail and many other email users or services).

Click the finish button a few Next by the second time, click Preview will select files along with users to import to Outlook and continue the process by clicking on Next and select Hu vegetables from the screen that appears.

Now you need to check the small box next to it Import [file name] into the folder: PeopleThen you need to use the spreadsheet to join the fields of the selected file with those of Outlook (join should be done by sending fields of text across the thread in the Outlook comparison ).

When possible, press the button Zooinside at last and wait for the import call to complete. In the meantime, you can make a decision replace copies with import ones, import duplicates O do not trade anything : you only need to check the options before selecting the file from where to import users.

Outlook also has an option for it VCF files (Available from the menu Import and export of course).

However, in my tests, the software import only the first name of the files in the file that I used for the tutorial. In light of what I just pointed out, I recommend that you import your users into Outlook using CSV or PST files.

Note: If your idea is not to import clients into Outlook, but to synchronize the address book program with external services, you will need to provide different solutions. For example, to write an Outlook address book with, it is enough to set up an Outlook / Live / Hotmail account in the program, while to synchronize it with Gmail it is should call for external solutions, like the ones I agree with. in my guide how to share Gmail contact.

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Mac OS

If you use a Mac, you can import contacts into Outlook by starting the application in query and selecting it the little man in the lower left, to access the address book.

Now, select the provide name where to import names from the sidebar section, take the app VCF files With the contact, pull it into the Outlook window and it should import completely. If not, right click on it VCF filesselect items Open with> Microsoft Outlook from the macOS menu and that’s it.

If VCF files are not used you have the Outlook address book inside PST O OLM (equivalent to PST file on Apple platform), you can bring it into the campaign by selecting the product Import from the menu Keep (top left) and check the box Outlook for windows archive file (.pst) O Outlook for Mac file archive (.olm) in the open window.

Import contacts to

If you want to import a contact list, Microsoft Web Mail Services, you need to link to the main service page, enter your account number (if necessary), click on icon with 9 squares in the upper left and select the item People in the menu that appears.

On the page that opens, click the button. Control in the upper left and select the item Import calls in the menu that appears. Click the Finish button Preview, select the file along with the user to import to Outlook (which should be inside CSV ) and press the button Will import.

You will see a table with some names extrapolated from the text: if the data looks correct, click the button It’s good to keep going.

However, if not, then most of the files you select are not encoded according to the standard supported by (UTF-8) and therefore need to be exported further. at your request or service. history.

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If you do not know how to convert a CSV file to UTF-8 format, open it Outlook, select materials to create a blank book, select the tab InformationPress the sub arrow again Of the text at the top and select the CSV file you want to import into the address book.

At this point, make sure that all the data in the text is displayed correctly in the preview that appears on the screen, otherwise choose another option from the map selection option. History of the case.

Then check the box DelayPress the sub arrow again Next and select the cut-off function used to mark the distribution of information into the brain (ex. coma, semicolon / tab ).

Then click the buttons at last and Zoo to import data from CSV file into Excel and be careful the final result (by going to the menu File> Save As ) as a text CSV UTF-8 (Select the appropriate option in the menu to select the output format, located at the bottom of the open door).

Now try importing the data back to and everything should be fine.

Users compare Outlook to mobile phones and tablets

As you surely know Outlook is also available as an app for Android e iOSCov. In this case, however, it relies directly on the address book, and therefore to send users into it, only to import users into the book. address. mobile phone or tablet in use.

Therefore, to be contacted at Gmail, just join a Gmail account to the device in use (I have explained how to do it in my instructions on how to connect an Android phone with Google and how to set up Raise Gmail on iPhone)

To import contacts from Just set up an Outlook / Live / Hotmail account in the app, when there is a contact in CSV or VCF file, just check the settings I listed in my relocation instructions book to Android and how to connect iPhone.

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