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How To Move Emails To A Folder On The Desktop ➡ ➡️ Stop More Time ▷ .️

He needs some caution email in a folder on your PC or on an external drive, so you have a backup of some important information? Well, make it simple: all important mail (programs that allow you to control the app email ) join function is important for sending all text boxes or a message to the way the user wants. Do you want me to show you in detail? I will heal you immediately!

In the comments below in this guide, in fact, I will have the opportunity to explain in detail how to move email to folder on desktopThe. Returning to what you might think, working on the question is not difficult at all: only you need to know “Where to put your hands.”

So what do you still stand for it? Strength and courage: To make yourself comfortable, spend all the time you need to diligently read the following articles, and most importantly, try to follow the “tips” that I will give for you. I am sure that by following my step-by-step instructions, you will have no problem completing your “business” today. I hope you enjoy reading!

  • How to move Windows 10 Mail to folder on the desktop
  • How to move email from Outlook to a folder on the desktop
  • How to move files from Thunderbird to a folder on the desktop
  • How to move email from Apple Mail to the folder on the desktop

First continue and see in detail how to move email to folder on desktop Pc, it’s good for you to give something advance information about the process in question.

To get into the problem, it seems to tell you that, in order to complete the submission of all interviews (and not just individual messages), you need to set up your own email account (or at least you want to move). you send) in a client, which is a program that allows you to manage email.

If you do not know how to set up email in the client, I suggest you take a look at the tutorial I just linked, where you will see not only the configuration of the resources also important, but above all an explanation of how to set them up in the applicant. I will also discuss in this article: Send Through Windows 10, Microsoft Outlook, Mozilla Thunderbird it is Apple Mail.

The other first thing you need to do before sending out an email is to create a folder that moves the messages. The process is simple: just click on an “empty” icon on the desktop and select the item New> Folder (via Windows) or New books (via macOS). Once these tasks are completed, we can move on!

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How to move Windows 10 Send to a folder on the desktop

You want to know how to move Windows 10 Mail to desktop folder ? If you have not already done so, start the count with the “standard” user in Windows 10 and follow the instructions I’m trying to get you through the process. However, keep in mind that Windows 10 Mail does not combine ad hoc function to send multiple emails, but only files.

To continue, after starting Windows 10 Mail, select it message of your flower from the central bar (on the left), click on the button (…) in the upper right, select the item Save with the name in the menu that opens and selects folder destination to save the thread, which can be saved EML.

After showing the correct name for the information in question and the address, click the button Save, to complete the process. Then you just have to repeat the task to finish the message that you intend to save and that is it.

How to move email from Outlook to a folder on the desktop

by remove emails from Outlook to the desktop folder, you need to start the program in question and find the box that contains the information to be stored. Then, you need to follow the steps below.

To move more words, after the start panorama on your PC, click the button Procedures (top right), select the item Open O Open and export (from left) and, in the screen that opens, click the button Import O Import and exportThe. Then select the item Export to a file In the menu that opens, click the button Come on, select the format Outlook (PST) File in the open menu and click again Come on, continued.

Now, select the box you want to export, if necessary, check the box next to the word Such as subfolders and press the button Come onThe. Click the Finish button Looked at, select the name of the folder you created for the desktop, to save a backup of emails in it, and when you are ready to do so, click the button at last, will start the export process.

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However, to attach a personal message, after opening the email of interest, click that button again Procedures (top left), select Options Save with the name In the open menu, select Options your folder where you want to move the message to, and then name it and choose the format in which it will be sent (ex. Outlook news format ) from the menu, click the button Save.

How to move files from Thunderbird to a folder on the desktop

On your PC you have set up Thunderbird, the famous free and open source email compatible for Windows, macOS and Linux? Well then let me explain how to use it for the main question, using ad hoc further.

Once you have installed and started Thunderbird on your PC, you need to install a free-to-send message in the mailbox set up by the user. To complete, go to this page and click the button Download now, to download the plugin ImportExportTools NG.

Click the Finish button (≡) in the upper right, select the item Extra supplies In the menu that opens, click the Add Item Extra supplies and click on the icon Extensions put in the left spider. So click on the symbol iav in the upper right, select the item Install the plugin from the files in the menu open and select .xpi file that you have now. At the end of this process, click on the item more it is Now restart.

After installing the plugin, you are ready to send a message to the folder you created on your desktop PC. To do this, click on one of the folders on the left and, in the menu, select the item ImportExportTools NG> Export folder information> as EML file, if you intend to save everyone’s message EML or, if you prefer, select these options ImportExportTools NG> Export folder, to download a folder that contains all the words in a file, in MBOX.

Once you have chosen how, just choose the one fast name which you have saved from the desktop of your PC and confirm the sending of email to it. Do you find it easy to move mail with Thunderbird?

How to move email from Apple Mail to the folder on the desktop

Do you have one Mac and you are usually used Apple MailDoes the mailer have “model” on the computer of “Apple bite”? Well, even this can actually move email to a folder on the desktop in a very simple way.

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First, start the program by clicking on the symbol of the Mail the stamp explaining the eagle with wings which is in the Spring bar or inside Spread the wordThe. Next, to send the current notification in an inbox, right click on it name box of your interest and selection of materials Shipping boxes from the Open menu.

In the requested window, select the element Table of contents in the sidebar on the left and then select the folder where you want to send the message: if you have not created it yet, press the button New books and after giving it a name, click the button Tsim, to complete the process.

To complete the task, after selecting the folder that sends the emails, click the button Choose and wait for the process to be completed. The message will be stored in the format .mbox do and it can be imported and read in any major email user. More information here.

Save the email to yourself, on the other hand, choose the message of your interest by clicking on it male, open the menu Procedures, select the sentence Save with the name from the latter and select the folder on the desktop where you want to save the message in question. If you can not find the folder in question, expand the menu Sit inside and click on the item Table of contents.

Click the Finish button (⌵) put in the next menu Sit inside and, through the open box, click fast name of your flowers. If you want to create a new folder in order to store emails, click the Inquiry button and, after naming the folder you like, click the button Tsim, to complete the process.

From the menu Format At the bottom of the window, select the format in which the emails will be sent (eg RTF, Text only, etc.) And click on the button SaveThe. You just have to repeat the process for all the other messages you want to store in the folder you created on the desktop and that’s it.

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