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How To Put It In Your Gmail Your ➡️ Have a Smart Stop ▷ ➡️


How to put Gmail on the desktop. Your first email address is hosted Gmail and so you often find yourself logged into a good Google Webmail service to check for messages received and send updates. However, the fact of having to open the browser every time you have to type the Gmail URL to access it, it makes everything slower.

Therefore, you are looking for a way to get help quickly: to know more, you will want to know how to set up gmail on desktop and thus has easy access to it with double click.

How to set Gmail icon on desktop easily

If you want to know how to set gmail icon for desktop on your PC, in the next chapter I will explain how to easily do this task with the most popular Internet browsers

Google Chrome

If you want to add a link to Gmail on your desktop PC and use the browser Google Chrome, connect to Gmail over the latter.

Now, click the ⋮ symbol in the top right and, in the menu that opens, click on the item More Tools> Developer.

Now, in the upper section of the browser, show the app first name you want to assign a character to a speed transfer function created on the desktop (for example “Gmail” ) and click on the button Tsim.

If you have followed the instructions I have already given you, you can quickly access your Gmail inbox by double-clicking on the new icon on the desktop.

Microsoft Edge

Uses Microsoft Edge In its new announcement now, based on Chrome (the one with the green and blue icon)? From there, you can create quick shortcuts on the desktop to access your Gmail in a super easy way.

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First, get started Microsoft Edge and access your Gmail inbox to the end. Now you have two options: if you want to use Edge’s built-in feature to create a quick link to a location (this is Gmail) on the taskbar, click the icon (…) in the upper right.

And, in the box that appears, select the item More Tools> Pin to Taskbar.

In the section at the top, type a name to assign a symbol (for example Gmail ) and press the button more, to complete the work.

Alternatively, you can create a Gmail login directly on the desktop as follows: click padlock icon on the left in the address bar, hold down and drag the mouse pointer over the desktop, then release the key.

Doing so will establish a quick start icon on your desktop, allowing you to quickly access your Gmail inbox.


If you use Mozilla Firefox As the browser for the surf of the Internet, I apologize to you that unlike other software that we have looked at so far, you can not have a special feature that allows you to create characters Quick site on the website.

However, you can still create a Gmail icon on your desktop by dragging the site URL out of the browser address to drop it on your desktop.

So, after starting Firefox, connect to Gmail via the latter, click and hold the left mouse button on padlock icon Now in the address bar and drag the mouse pointer on the desktop, then release the pressure.

Internet Explorer

For one reason or another you are still using the old browser Internet Explorer by Microsoft and, so, do you want to know how to put the Gmail icon on the desktop from the latter? No problem.

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First, connect to your Gmail mailbox through the browser question, then click the button alt on the keyboard to display the menu at the top and select items File> Send of the latter.

Finally, select the options Image cutting and the Gmail icon will quickly be created on your desktop, taking you to the main screen of the Google Webmail service.


If you use a Mac and is used for Internet access with web browser integration, safari, you can create an icon to put in Table of contents.

So connect to Gmail via Safari, mention the URL in the address bar and drag it out of the Safari screen, placing it in the empty area of ​​the desktop.

If this falls, you can still click on the small gmail icon Show on the left, in the address bar, and drag it to the macOS desktop.

This will create an icon on the desktop that will give you quick access to Google Webmail. I think it’s easier than you think, right?

How to put the Gmail icon on the home screen

You need it put the Gmail icon on the home screen on his mobile phone or tablet?

In this case, in the next chapters I will explain how to make this work Android and in iOS / iPadOS.


If you want to know how to put Gmail icon on home screen on your cell phone or tablet Android, you can easily continue to use the pre-installed computer for the site Google Chrome.

If you want to put the Gmail webmail service icon on the home screen, first launch the application Chrome and connect to your Gmail inbox with the latter.

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From here, click the located symbol in the upper right and click on the item Add to the home screen, in column.

Now, in the line in the middle of the screen, enter the name you want to mark (or exit an existing one) and click the more, to complete the work.

I remind you that, in addition to viewing Google Webmail through a browser, you can also install the appropriate application Gmail, which must be pre-installed on the device, which allows to manage email from the Google email service and of course add a symbol to the mailbox of the home screen (and / or in-app drawer ) The.

iOS / iPadOS

If you use a iPhone lossis a iPad and you want to provide a quick login to Gmail Webmail, you can use the appropriate functions safari.

To do this, get started safari and use it to access your Gmail mailbox.

When this is done, click the share button at the bottom (square with the arrow inside) and, in the new box that appears, brush over the different ones, until you find and click on Add to the home screen.

Well: we almost have! In the section that you have indicated, enter the name to select the symbol or place an already indicated one and then confirm all the functions by pressing the key. more, which is at the top.

The new icon will now be available on the iOS / iPadOS home screen for you to access Google Webmail.

Otherwise, you can access explicitly created Gmail app for iPhone and iPad, which also adds instant messaging to Google Webmail services on the home screen.

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