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How To Restore Hotmail, Gmail, And Yahoo! Dab ➡️ Ghosts Ts ➡️

How to get a backup from Hotmail, Gmail and Yahoo! Of the various emails you use for business and personal purposes are Hotmail, Gmail e Yahoo!The. Since you have important words, you want to print them so as not to lose them, but you do not know how.

In the following pages in this guide, in fact, I will have the opportunity to cover everything how to backup Hotmail, Gmail and Yahoo! Use both the functions available in some of these programs and use all the third functions of the application in an easy-to-use way.

How to recover Hotmail, Gmail, and Yahoo! Too stupid

Before we get into the details of this guide, let me share with you some important information how to backup Hotmail, Gmail and Yahoo!.

First of all, I want to tell you that if you want to get your money back Gmail You have an ad hoc enabled by Google and third party services.

About Hotmail e Yahoo!Instead, you should rely on third-party solutions because, unlike Gmail, they do not include special functions to support messages.

Regarding the process of backing up your inbox, doing so is very useful because it allows careful sending and receiving of local messages and possibly other special places for your account, or import (if necessary) this data from other PCs and / or save a local backup.

How to backup Hotmail

Like I said, a few lines, if you want. Backup to Hotmail You must be good at third party solutions, such as the software listed below, because (the service that replaces Hotmail) does not currently include designs to create copies of your inbox content.

How to get rid of Gmail

If you want to make a copy of Gmail messages, you can do so through a special function that you can access from the admin page of your Google account.

To get started, log in to this website, sign in to your Google account (if applicable) and uncheck all entries marked with the exception, leaving only the Gmail login option (of course, yes that you want to include other files in the backup, you can exit the selected items), then click the Next steps… end of page.

On the opening page, edit the application format you want to save by selecting shipping method (e.g. Email then link ), select the hom export (e.g. Each person writes a single letter O Shipped every two months to a year ), select the file types (e.g. …zip… ) and it dimensions as 2GB talk about 50 GB.

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To complete the task, press the blue button Create files at the bottom of the page and wait for the exchange to complete.

When the file is created, click link you received by email, click the button Download the text, Remove the files containing the backup copy from your Gmail account and delete the content to find all your messages.

Unless you make some changes during the file creation process, you should receive the file in the following format when the download is complete … Zip.

If you use the window… open it by clicking the right mouse button, and then selecting the item … Extract all in the menu that opens and select the folder in which to send the content by first clicking on the button Browse by (to select the folder location) and Extract.

On Mac, right click on the file and select the item Open in the menu.

At this point, open the app Email in the case and that is it. You can open the file inside .mbox in the folder to view the emails you have sent.

There are several jobs that allow you to do this, including Microsoft Outlook, Mozilla Thunderbird and Apple Mail.

Buy back Yahoo!

If you want to do a backup of Yahoo! As I told you about Hotmail, as the service does not include the ad hoc feature to create copies of your emails, you have no choice but to use one of these services to send emails which is listed below.

Email recovery service

There are many email sending programs You can trust, for both Windows and MacOS. Here are some things to keep in mind.

Amic Email Backup (Windows)

If you use a PC the window, I advise you to try Amic email backup, software that allows you to create duplicate emails sent and received by major email users.

Note that you can try all its features during the 15-day trial period, but to continue using it, you will need to purchase a license for $ 39.95.

To download Amic Email Backup, go to this page, click the link Download now in the top left corner and wait for the uninstall of the special program to start (if it is not, click on the link restart the download to start it “manually”).

When the download is complete, open the file .exe You got it, click month and then press the button, OK, Next four times in a row, Install and Finalize.

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After you have installed and started the Amic Email Backup, click on the item Continued at the reception desk and, if necessary, translate the software links into Italian by clicking the tab Choice

And then in the selection menu read and then select the MevThe. Then click on Save so that the changes are saved.

Now, to create a backup of your emails, click on the line Save In the top left, select your favorite customer in the left sidebar (for example, MS Outlook ), click on (…), Store in… to select a folder where to save the file, and click the button. Create rescue! to confirm and start downloading mail.

In case you want to recover emails that you have backed up, you just need to double click on the backup created by the program and, in the window that opens, click on Go ahead, on Next (three times in a row) and finally inside Leave a reply

Mail X Return (Windows / macOS)

Return Mail X is another job that I recommend you try to create copies of your emails.

It is available for Windows (through Windows 8) and MacOS. It allows automatic and quick collection of emails received and sent to multiple user email and services (including Gmail and Yahoo!) and very easy to use.

It costs $ 79, but you can try out its features for 15 days at no cost.

To use it, download the program to your PC by going to its download page and clicking the button first. Download now and on the page that opens, at the button Download now in the operating system installed on your PC.

When the snow is finished, you are used to it Windows, open the file .exe You got it, click Next three times in a row and then a button month, Install and Kaw, to complete the assembly.

If you use a Mac change open the button .ua dmg you have to double click on the file .pkg which is internal, to start the application installation process.

In the window that opens, click the button Continue e Install> Password from your MacOS user account and finally click on Install the software and with.

Now, always on Mac, start the application by going to the folder Applications from the computer by right-clicking on its symbol and selecting it Open from the menu that opens (twice in a row), to “skip” the Apple restrictions for services provided by non-users.

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After installing and starting to restore Backup X email, click on the button accepted now at your doorstep, to accept the terms of use of the software and then click on the button Start the test to begin a 15-day free trial.

Now, click on OK and, in the main application window, select the available options Set new backup profile, Specify the email client or email service you want to recover and click the button Next.

Enter your login information and any other necessary information to access your inbox, click the button Next and make sure that every folder you want to re-select is selected, otherwise you do it “manually”.

From here, click on Choose a special course … and decide how to backup your emails stored, manually or recurring Storage space at the top specify the destination address, and finally click What happened.

Once the backup is complete, you can import, read and manage your emails by selecting the option only Import data from existing files O Restore the sent profile from the window that will advise you the first time you start the software.

Other services for email recovery

There are also other services for email recovery which needs to be decided. Below you will find some of me that I am sure can be used to accomplish this task.

  • Mozilla Thunderbird (Windows / macOS / Linux) – This is a very popular free and open source email client, which also integrates with many programs that allow you to store messages in your local inbox. .
  • Outlook Express Backup (Windows) – is a free application for Windows that allows you to backup Outlook via mail and also other aspects of your mailbox, including address book, browser settings, email rights and more.
  • Email Archiver Pro (macOS) – a program for Mac that allows you to backup files received and sent by Apple Mail, stored as PDF files. It costs 39.99 Euro, but you can try its benefits for a short time.
  • Horcrux Email Backup (macOS) – is another Mac application that allows you to backup email to any account with IMAP support. It also has a function that allows you to edit messages on any other account, leaving tags and lines of text unchanged. It costs $ 19.99, but you can test its capabilities in 30 days.

So far the login shows how to make a backup of Hotmail, Gmail and Yahoo!

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