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How to Send Mail ▷ ➡️ Creative Stop Time ▷ .️

How Mailing Works. Do you have to send more “heavy” information than usual in the form of links and not sure if email is it really sends stuff precisely for this? Well, I do not see the difficulty … use Mail.

If you have never heard of it, Mail Transfer is a service from Apple that, using iCloud (cloud storage by Cupertino giant), allows you to send up to 5 files. GB by email. It is very easy to use and allows you to solve the problem of “heavy” equipment in the blink of an eye.

How Mail Drop works step by step

Previous information

Before we get into the heart of teaching, let’s explain How Mail Drop works, it seems to provide you with advance information about the services in question, so that you can clear your mind about it as much as possible.

As expected at the beginning of the site, Mail is unique to Apple following iCloud, is the Cupertino cloud services provider.

Allows you to send email links (all file types are supported) with a maximum limit of 20MB. send email, which limits the size of links that can be placed in a personal email).

With Mail Loss, therefore, it is possible to send mail with weight up to 5 GB ago mail (default email user for macOS, iOS and iPadOS, also available for access to the web), which is also available for download 30 days, after which they were removed. In regards to this, it is good to remember that Mail Drop provides a 1 TB storage limit.

Another thing to consider is sending large mail with Mail Drop it is not necessary that the recipient must have an iCloud account, use Mail as a client and / or have Apple brand devices.

In all cases, the user who received the email will see it in his profile link which, when clicked, allows downloading large files to your device via a browser type web.

I also want to tell you that to take advantage of Mail Registration it is important to use Mail in a Mac update for macOS Yosemite or later or an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch iOS 9.2 or later.

However, when using the website, regardless of the operating system of the site, only use the browser of the most popular ones.

To learn more about the limitations of Mail Drop and the minimum requirements to use the service, you can consult the contact page of Apple Support News.

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Mac Mail: How It Works

Having done the appropriate description above, let go into the heart of teaching and discover how Mail Drop works on Mac.

To get started, start the app, Mail on Mac OS by clicking on the corresponding icon (the one with the seal ) that you see in Spread the word and / or at the bar Stuff, and make sure you have set up your email account (it does not need to be an iCloud one) by selecting the menu Mail put in the top, then enter Account of the latter and the process as I described in detail in my email setup guide on your PC.

Next, you should be able to use the Email Application to email account of your choice. To do this, click on the menu mail Put on top, then season like and, in the window you see appear on the desktop, select the tab Account.

At this point of choice, choose your email account From the list on the left, be sure to select the panel Financial Information, on the right (otherwise you can do it yourself), and select the box next to it Send large letters using Mail.

Once done, close the Mail Preferences window and start typing new messages by clicking the Insert button paper and pencil which is at the top left of the screen of the program you see now.

In the email compose window that appears, fill in the fields next to the item A, Cc and Learn Now top with, respectively, the recipient email address, the address of the user you want to read in the text and the message of the message.

Also, if you have created more than one email account in Mail, select the one you want to use to send messages from the drop-down menu From.

Then select the signature you want to email from the menu Company, Write the body of the sentence in the context field at the bottom and send the text you want to send by Mail. Send thread by pressing the button with the paper plane placed in the upper left.

How it works on iphone

You do not have a Mac on hand and you want to understand how mail reminders work on iPhone.

First, pick up your device, turn it on, and go to the home screen iOS, Make sure that your email address (it does not need to be iCloud) is set up on the device by touching the Configurations (the one with the model gear wheel ), select Password and account on the next screen

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Now you need to make sure that the use of iCloud features is enabled for Mail (if you have not, of course). To do this, return to the main screen of the piece Configurations, touch the Your name Come to the top, touch the balls iCloud and wear ON the switch you see next Mail.

After completing the steps in question, you can finally go along with sending the mail with the attachments using Mail. To do this, first, go back to the iOS home screen and select the application icon mail (who has White and blue envelope background ).

Once the Mail Application is open, start writing a new email by pointing to the included icon paper and pencil in the lower right and fill in the fields next to the product A, Cc and Learn Currently on top with, respectively, the recipient email address, the number of users you want to read in the text and the content of the message.

Enter, therefore, the body of the appropriate field message at the bottom, then the large text you want to include in your email, touch the left arrow view bar on its keyboard, then select the item of your choice on the file screen.

If, on the contrary, you want to save the image or video to a test site, click on the symbol that represents landscape which you can see in the bar just above the keyboard and select the items of your mind from the menu that appears.

As I recently mentioned, you can send information to your email by touching on a location in the section to enter the body of the message, click the blinking flag and select, in the display open bread, options Add Form / Insert a photo or video.

To finish, go ahead and send an email by tapping the button with the app about arrow in the top right corner of the screen.

When you see the notification appear, please indicate that the link you want to send is too large and then you will be asked if you want to use Mail Drop, select the option Use Mail Delivery continue and wait for the export process to start and complete.

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How Mail Drop works on iPad

You have the Apple product tablet and so you want to understand How Mail Drop works on iPad ? In this regard, I tell you that the work that needs to be done to improve the use of the service and to implement it is the same for everything for those already seen in the previous steps. iPhone.

On iPadSIn fact, you can follow the same instructions I gave you about iOS, nothing has changed.

How Mail Drop works with

Now I want to explain How Mail Works on, or how to better work in question by accessing Mail from ICloud website.

First, restart the browser you normally use to download from your PC (for example. safari ) and go to the home page.

Next, log in to your iCloud account from your device Apple ID And the password associated in the corresponding field, passing the process of multi-step testing and verification can and, if necessary, decide allowed or not the browser to access the services.

After logging in, you should be concerned about using the Email Address of your interest. To do this, click on the symbol mail (who has White and blue envelope background ) and, on the next screen, click the symbol in the form gear wheel stay at the bottom and select the like in the menu that opens.

In the requested box, select Composition and check the box next to the word Use Mail Delivery to send large mail, then confirm the exchange by clicking injection Save in the lower right.

At this point, you can finally dedicate yourself to writing the message you intend to send with Mail. Then click the Insert button paper and pencil at the top and, in the next window that opens, write the next field of the item A, Cc and Learn including, respectively, the address of the recipient, which of the users you want to read in the copy and the content of the message.

Then fill in the body of the email in the appropriate field below and send the message you want to send with Mail.

Wait, therefore, for the text option to start and complete the upload (you can easily know this by taking the lead in the bar below) and proceed with sending the message by clicking on items To send in the upper right.

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