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The Purpose Of The Cloud, The Better And More N ➡️ Stop Creating ▷ ➡️

or type of cloud computing allows users to think about usage as needed. Since their appearance in the world of websites, they have been working to provide services such as presentation of archiving materials, administration and process of application, documentation. text and much more.


Type of cloud computing

The various options presented by the type of cloud computing, allows users to access devices to protect data, software processes and management plans without the need to store them on a computer or cell phone; they are excellent tools that have many benefits.

In the same way, they allow the collection and processing of all kinds of data, solve computer problems and create work tools; These processes sometimes interfere when we use to store and control cell phone or computer usage.

One of the problems that worries many users is the storage, by leaving the storage card with a small capacity, going over the CD, then due to more memory and mass storage pendrives, it can not solve this problem.

The appearance of the type of cloud computingThey open a good field; Resources, information and information can be protected without worrying about losing it. They are always available and access is created when users need it.

Surely you want to know more about what cloud computing is, go to the link and discover everything.

What are they?

or type of cloud computing They are divided according to features, types of access and restrictions, therefore, today there are a lot of platforms on cloud computing ; where users can store their data as needed; view:

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It is a type of cloud that provides storage services related to security; there are also individual services that are done individually. The most important thing is that it has more storage space than other types of clouds

In general, a monthly fee must be paid to gain access to the resources; but it is really worth it. Its applications can dismiss jobs that, by nature and operations, are used by large companies.

They can also provide some additional services such as antivirus that they will monitor the archived data in order to identify any threats that affect the security of the data.


It is a type of storage that has very few limitations. They are managed by companies that dedicate time to maintenance, which means very low security, however, they are very comfortable and users trust their investment.

For example, we can mention the platforms offered by some companies like Google Drive, Dropbox, iCloud, Soundcloud and others. Therefore, they provide users with reliable operation and storage space, where content can be stored; Similarly they help new entrepreneurs, companies that have started in the business area or users who need to be careful about uninterrupted data.

Additionally, since it is a public archive, it allows data to be stored for other users to use, with prior authorization of personally identifiable information.


The Wedding

It is made up of a mix of public and private. They are used when seeking to obtain a reservation of personal or organizational information; however, they are often used to manage inaccurate data or information that can be resolved immediately and permanently.

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We have examples of companies that manage one type of cloud, one is Big Data. This online company manages everything related to its sales through the cloud; As well, it stores information related to advertising in the media, SEO and metric strategies related to digital marketing.

Characteristics of cloud computing

Keeping records securely creates peace of mind; If you have a good connection to the internet fast and use good access can be counted on. Therefore, the cloud we choose will determine the success of the project we perform; Here is the most important.

  • They store content of everything, files, photos, videos, services, applications, plugins, and more.
  • If you buy non-free supplies, you get a lot of storage space.
  • Most use donations, which can still be kept sufficient; between 5 and 10 GB.
  • They are endless and timeless, so users can access them whenever and however they want.
  • They are good friends of big companies, they use their resources not only to keep, but to manage all the business related business.
  • They serve as additional assistants to business companies, which have access to different tools to store and perform more competitive tasks.

The services they offer

Many companies and organizations manage their campaigns, data, information and processes through the cloud; They provide not only storage services, they also provide other resources such as management and development plans; file processing; but let’s look at the most important ones


Called IaaS (infrastructure-as-a-Service), in which large companies store and manage their operations and the resources that run the database for other services, with them we have Amazon Services. Websites, Happiness or Rackspace, which due to their small size require large storage space.

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They use large containers that provide options for the archive, where all eyes and supporting operations and related internal activities of the company are controlled and regulated. respect.

Platform service

It is the best service that cloud brand has; especially for large companies. This allows them to create compiler, database management and server management; With these resources they can manage many non-system processes; It is called PaaS (Platform-as-a-Service), and for example we have companies that use this tool, Microsoft Azure, Salesforce.

Software service

These services are available type of cloud computingMost importantly, it has web applications and with them users can find many solutions, which can save time and money; They are accessible and work directly on the platform, so can not be downloaded from a computer or cell phone.

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