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What To Record On The Phone ▷ ➡️ Have A Smart Stop Time ▷ ➡️

How to write letters when calling from Android. You have encountered a problem with the SIM and, when trying to call the users of your operator, you “blocked”: an automatic message, in fact, alerted you that, to receive for special cases, you need to press the keyboard key on the phone; button that, unfortunately, you do not see and do not know what will happen.

In this book, I will cover all the details how to record text messages while on the phoneThe. Specifically, I will explain how to Write down the numbers and symbols that the first voices of the support staff support.

Then, in case you need to take notes on the content of a telephone conversation or write a note while talking on the phone with the person, I will also provide important information about it.

How to write text messages during a simple phone call inside

If during the call you make from your smartphone you have to type a number or write, in the following section I will give you some tips.

Enter the phone number when making the call

When you call a toll-free number or the phone number of a service provider, such as the operator, you will be asked to enter a series of numbers, which you can call the operator. or choose the way data is useful to get the information of your interest.

In this sense, if you have recently replaced your smartphone and / or are not familiar with technology, in the next few lines I will explain how to activate the numeric keypad when calling, so you can type the numbers and symbols (such as pound marks) as needed.

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First, when making a phone call, then touch the app dots icon : You can tell it by the fact that there are several times together, represented by a telephone number. After you click this icon, you will be placed on the app your cim with all the numbers 0 al 9.

All you have to do is dial the phone number that was mentioned to you in the program you were listening to on the phone. In some cases, you will be asked to enter an app the stars or hashtag : in this case click the Share button * O #, which you will see on the scores.

To return to the previous screen, through which you can call, hold the microphone or hang up, just press the back button. dots icon, at the bottom.

Write when calling

Some cell phones allow you to write while the phone is ringing, by having a built-in symbol. Here is the problem, for example, on a cell phone Huawei which thanks to the property noteblock, allows you to quickly access the cut text.

If you need to write while you call, touch the app noteblock, to create new text in the application noteblock by Huawei.

When the interaction occurs, use the area in the center of the screen to access all the files you want to convert.

If you need to be quick to notice what is being told to you during a call, you can choose to handwrite it by tapping on the icon, Hand written, at the bottom.

You can add a list (s list ) or attach the images to the site or store them in a memory device (the The )). Next, pass the key Format, you can determine the size of the text, the type of writing or the loss of a sentence.

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When you are finished writing, type the characters , in the upper right, to be careful of the data you have transcribed. You can see the notes you have already saved when opening the app noteblock, its icon is available on the home screen.

You can return to the current phone at any time by pressing green bar, to the top, in which it is now Touch to call back.

Use other applications when calling

As I said in the previous chapter, during a call it can type numbers or letters, depending on what you want to do. Stop talking on the device of the phone in the phone in the phone, which I have mentioned in this chapter, you may need to write or just send a message to the interlocutor or someone else.

In these cases, all that needs to be done is give the phone a call back, to gain access to screen screen at home or for Operations Manager In other words, use other applications installed on the mobile phone.

If the application you want to use while the phone is running in the background, just click the button square icon, on the bottom line, to open the Manager.

In this case, you just have to pull through the screens until you see an application associated with the application you want to use.

Once this is done, you will be done with the last screen you saw on the application and you will be able to continue using it from where you placed it before receiving or calling, even You are currently in a telephone conversation.

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Alternatively, click on the circle icon, on the bottom line, the current call will be placed in the background, giving you the ability to view the phone’s home screen. At this point, all you need to do is type in the app you want to use when the phone rings and you are done.

At any time, you can return to the phone conversation by clicking on the message Touch to call back, indicated in the green box at the top.

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